Our mission started back in 1995.

* IATA – as an IATA agency since 1996, we offer our clients, mainly in the maritime industry, a full range of services aimed at optimizing travel costs and budgets with exceptional reliability and professionalism.

* LCC- in May 2010 our office joined one of the world’s largest network of travel agencies – Lufthansa City Center.

* MOT- in November 2021 we joined the group of marine travel specialists and received the Lufthansa City Center Marine & Offshore Travel Expert emblem.

During the past years we have worked hard to win the confidence of our clients, gain experience and perfect our activities. At present, the quality of our services is sufficiently high to attract new and maintain the regular clients.

We specialize in seamen tickets and services to the companies which primarily arrange flights for seafarers on ships worldwide.

Your strong partner for business travel

We specialise in business travel and have developed specific services for all corporate employees with business travel responsibilities. We offer efficiency, cost-optimization and flexibility – before, during and after your trip. You have our word!

Enjoy the benefits of a strong partner and let us book your first-rate business trips at best prices.

Experts in Marine and Offshore

Polaris Travels is the sister Company of Polaris Maritime Services, founded in Szczecin, Poland in 1991. We have been successfully providing dedicated maritime travel and managing ships’ crew travel services ever since. Our experience of the Marine and Offshore industry is extensive and our knowledge in this field is vast. We operate from our Office in Szczecin, Poland.

Our staff fully understand the complexities and demands of marine and offshore travel. They understand that often, arrangements are at very short notice, frequently involving the movement of large numbers of personnel. They also know that, more than likely, last minute changes or cancellations occur, yet in all these cases, the service from our team of experts excels.

Lufthansa City Center

Polaris Travels has become a member of an international organization Lufthansa City Center (LCC) and from 01st of May 2010 our company runs under umbrella of a world-wide recognized brand name. The franchise brand Lufthansa City Center is the largest independent travel agency chain in Germany, and the fifth biggest travel management company in Europe.

Offering the complete range of travel manage-ment solutions, Lufthansa City Center, still economically independent, combine flexibility and innovation, competence and experience with a comprehensive service portfolio, motivated staff and the benefits of a world-wide network.

Based on these key assets, customer’s travel ideas are realised professionally, guaranteeing a high customer satisfaction combined with an excellent price-performance ratio based on a trustworthy customer relationship.

With almost 600 travel agencies worldwide the brand Lufthansa City Center is synonymous with top quality in the global travel market.